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  9180 gradient amplifier
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At Era5 we can help you turn your electronic product idea into a working prototype,
produce the required documentation, and assist you to get the product into production.


Primary Areas of Expertise


  • Analogue and RF Circuit Design.
  • Power Amplifiers - Switch-mode and Linear Designs to 100kW.
  • Power Supplies - Switch-mode and Linear Designs to 100kW.
  • Control Systems Design - Applied to feedback systems in electronic equipment.
  • Circuit Analysis - Using mathematical tools and simulations.
  • Instrumentation Systems.
  • Analog Devices 21xx fixed point and Sharc floating point DSP, Texas Instruments MSP430 series microcontrollers.
  • Embedded software, database and mathematical analysis software.


Anatomy of a Project


We usually take projects through the following stages:


  • Product definition, parts cost and manufacturing cost estimation.
  • Outline design & theoretical analysis.
  • Detailed electronic and mechanical design.
  • PCB layouts.
  • Purchase parts and assemble prototype.
  • Test prototype here and on your premises.
  • Correction of drawings, artworks etc.
  • Shipment of documentation, electronic and mechanical drawings, manuals etc.
  • Assistance to get the product into production.




We have a fully equipped electronics laboratory. Here we can build prototypes and do the necessary testing and debugging. We also have fully maintained software for schematic capture and PCB design, electronic circuit simulation, and mathematical analysis.




Era5 is a UK company based 15 miles South West of Bristol UK, we have been in operation since 1989.



t: (+44) 1934 733585      e: info2 at era5 dot com       w: www.era5.com